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Within the  University of Warsaw, the Institute of Social Policy is a unit of Faculty of Journalism and Political Science carrying  out research in various fields, particularly addressing the issues of: theory of social policy and development, social issues and critical life situations, decision-making processes in social policy, social assistance and social work, labor market and unemployment, local social policy, international comparative social policy, European social policy, migration and migration policy. The Institute, given its expertise in issues of labor policy and social exclusion has undertaken several projects that are relevant to the LIVEWHAT’s research agenda, namely: tress “Training and reporting on European Social Security” (2008-2010) commissioned by the European Commission, “CEST Transfer Project” (Sustainable Further Training and Competence Strategies for the Social Economy), Leonardo da Vinci project, “Family Politics  and the Construction of Citizenship in Europe” under the 6th European Union Framework Programme.

Members of the Polish team

MT_fotoMaria Theiss is the principal investigator for the Polish team. She is a lecturer of political science in the field of social policy at the Department of Journalism and Political Science. Her research focuses on the issues of social citizenship, social capital, civic society and the local level of social policy. She was a research team member in the research “Youth, Unemployment and Social Exclusion in Europe” (YOUNEX, 7th FP), where she was responsible for policy-making analysis at the local level in Poland. Maria Theiss also conducted an additional number of researches in Poland, including: “Local social citizenship – the example of childcare services”, (ongoing) funded by National Research Centre, “Differences in local social policy in Poland – the local dimension of social citizenship”, as well as several evaluation programs of local social policies. She is an author and co-editor of 3 books on issues of poverty, social exclusion and governance processes at the local level in Poland as well as articles and book chapters.

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AK cv (2)Anna Kurowska, PhD in humanities (social policy); Assistant Professor at the Institute of Social Policy (University of Warsaw) in Poland; graduate in Political Science (2004, University of Warsaw) and Economics (2007; Warsaw School of Economics), associate and expert of FOR – Civil Development Forum. She is the author of numerous publications in the field of social policy analysis and economics. Areas of expertise: family and labour market policy, fertility, labour supply, social indicators and poverty. Currently she is the head of an international project “Joint influence of family and labour market policies on labor supply and fertility decisions of men and women”, which explores the effects of policy reforms on citizen’s lifes, particularly on fertility and labour market participation. For more information, visit:

JaninaJanina Petelczyc is a PhD student at the Department of Journalism and Political Science, University of Warsaw. She is interested in social security and international comparative social policy. Author and co-author of publications in the field of social policy as well as analyses and research reports, including for trESS project (Training and Reporting on European Social Security).