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Research Activities

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LIVEWHAT undertakes the following research activities :

Workpackage 1 – Defining, identifying, and measuring crises by setting forward an operational definition and a set of indicators that will enable researchers to detect and compare the impact of crises on European societies. See a full description of Workpackage 1

Workpackage 2 – Comparing national policy responses to crises through interviews with policy-makers and the study of secondary sources and identifying good practices. See a full description of Workpackage 2

Workpackage 3 – Examining collective responses to crises in the public domain through the analysis of political claims. See a full description of Workpackage 3

Workpackage 4 – Assessing individual citizens’ perceptions and responses to crises through a nationwide survey in each of the countries studied in the project. See a full description of Workpackage 4

Workpackage 5 – Assessing causal efects of crises on citizens’ attitudes and behaviors by conducting laboratory and survey experiments. See a full description of Workpackage 5

Workpackage 6 – Detecting alternative forms of resilience in times of crisis through an online survey and interviews with key informants and explaining what these initiatives suggest for the impact of crises on vulnerable groups and communities. See a full description of Workpackage 6