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Sixth Consortium Meeting in Warsaw, 2016

WP_20160519_10_09_37_Pro (1)On 17-18 May 2016, our Polish partner – University of Warsaw – hosted the sixth LIVEWHAT Consortium meeting at the premises of the New Library of the University of Warsaw. At the meeting, the teams discussed papers which are built on findings about individual responses to crises under Workpackage 4.

The papers tackled challenging themes pertaining to the social aspects of individual perceptions, assessments and responses to crises by private citizens allowing us to better grasp the cross-national variations in the extent and form of resilience at the micro-level of individual citizens. In addition, the teams discussed and planned the research steps of the sixth workpackage (WP6) on alternative forms of resilience in times of crisis. WP_20160520_09_54_26_Pro (2)

Through online survey and interviews with national key informants WP6 will identify a wide range of alternative forms of resilience (e.g. barter networks, food banks, free medical services, soup kitchens etc.) across Europe and try to understand what these initiatives suggest for the impact of crises on families, women, children, minorities, the elderly, and other vulnerable groups and communities.

For more information, click here: Workpackage 6