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Scientific Articles

  • Read an article on defining, identifying, and measuring crises (Workpackage 1) entitled ‘‘Citizens’ Reactions to Economic Crises in the Electoral and Non-Electoral Arenas: A Research Agenda”, by Marco Giugni (University of Geneva) and Jasmine Lorenzini (EUI), January 2015. The article can be downloaded here: LIVEWHAT_D9.1
  • Read an article on policy responses to crises (Workpackage 2) entitled “Three paths of welfare? Path dependency and policy change at the times of crisis in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Germany”, by Johannes Kiess (Siegen University), Ludvig Norman (Uppsala University), Luke Temple (University of Sheffield) and Katrin Uba (Uppsala University), June 2015. The article can be downloaded here: LIVEWHAT_D9.2
  • New article on “Alternative Forms of Resilience in Hard Economic Times: Theoretical, Methodological and Southern European Dimensions”, by Maria Kousis (University of Crete) and Maria Paschou (University of Crete), October 2016, available here: LIVEWHAT_D9.6