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LIVEWHAT undertakes the following research activities : Workpackage 1 – Defining, identifying, and measuring crises by setting forward an operational definition and a set of indicators that will enable researchers to detect and compare the impact of crises on European societies. See a full description of Workpackage 1 Workpackage 2 – Comparing national policy responses to crises through interviews with policy-makers and the study … Continue reading »

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Sixth Consortium Meeting in Warsaw, 2016

On 17-18 May 2016, our Polish partner – University of Warsaw – hosted the sixth LIVEWHAT Consortium meeting at the premises of the New Library of the University of Warsaw. At the meeting, the teams discussed papers which are built on findings about individual responses to crises under Workpackage 4. The papers tackled challenging themes … Continue reading »

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Final Conference 2016

Our project results will presented at the Final Conference, which will take place in Brussels, 23-24 November 2016. The aim of the Final Conference is two-fold: to present and discuss the project findings, and to offer both a scholarly and policy-oriented perspective on how citizens react to economic crises, fuelling public debate. During the conference, the … Continue reading »